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MPQTL offers solutions including supply chain management, strategic sourcing, competitive procurement, clearance and storage.

Who Are We?

A Market Leading Supply Chain Management and Facilities Company.

MPQTL, a 15 years-old procurement and supply chain division of Maaksons Engineering Corporation, was spun off into a separate entity in July 2021 as MPQ Trading and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. with the collaboration of financial partner Pak Qatar Takaful Group.

Together, we share decades of experience in the field of construction, project development, fund management, and execution of mega construction projects. MPQTL is the backbone of all construction projects, where we are offering a one-stop solution to our clients through our vast global networks.

What We Do?

MPQTL specializes in warehousing, supply chain, and trading.

MPQTL provides international standard state-of-the-art warehousing solutions with mega-scale storage facilitates.

We manage supply chains for megaprojects and provide construction finishing and furnishing.

At MPQ Trading & Logistics, we specialize in supplying authentic and exclusive products procured directly from local and international manufacturers at competitive prices.

Our Projects

MPQTL managed the supply chain for a wide range of megaprojects.

The projects MPQTL managed the supply chain for include universities, hospitals, clubs, housing societies, and corporate offices. 

As a leading building material supplier with 15 plus years of experience, we sourced, managed and delivered materials for high-profile projects like Cashma Right Bank Canal, Defense Raya, I-8 Interchange, IBECHS Headquarters, Lahore Metro Bus Track, Naval Anchorage, Penta Square, Signal-Free Corridor, SRF DHA, Ufone Tower, PHA Shabbily Town, and Liberty Plaza among others. 

Why Choose MPQTL

Flawless experience, delivery beyond commitment, and compliance according to your demand are always guaranteed. Here is how we take edge over the competition:

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CEO Message

Delay, theft, and breakage are highly concerning issues in the industry that put businesses in jeopardy while creating avoidable financial drains.

With precise supply chain management, flow of good optimization, end-to-end industrial solutions, and the safest logistics, you can create immense value in your ventures that will turn your growth into peak numbers while outshining your competitors, leaving them way behind in the market.

MPQ T&L is here to give you such productivity and performance as a one-stop solution. Be the smartest in the market and choose what helps you create more revenue while eliminating your specific logistics problems. 

Sarah Farooqui

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