Our Products

We offer a wide range of products to our clients, including building and construction materials, safety and PPE (personal protective equipment), food kit supplies, office supplies, and horticultural products.

Building and Construction Materials-BCM

MPQTL serves as a one-stop solution for all building materials and interior/Décor needs with the widest range of quality products under different categories made specially to satisfy the needs and preferences of every customer.

We source products from China, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, the US, and Malaysia under the following categories:

• Hardware & Electrical
• Bath & Sanitary
• Flooring & Ceiling
• E &M/HvAc
• Furniture and Accessories

With a construction and finance DNA, MPQTL offers solutions including, supply chain management, strategic sourcing, competitive procurement, clearance, and storage, construction plan management and development, global logistics, and freight-forwarding.

Safety and PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment)

In order to keep possible epidemics under control, is maintaining basic hygiene standards.

At MPQTL, we develop and supply all kinds of family and personal hygiene kits, following our clients’ detailed specifications. 

Food Kits

We can provide foods to the extent possible, that meets the specific needs and religious preferences.

With ready-to-eat meals to be consumed immediately, to family food kits to be distributes amongst the population once it has access to kitchen and utensils.

Office Supplies and Equipment

MPQTL provides a wide range of office supplies whether it’s computer, laptop, printer etc and office stationery or furniture we supply all.

These office equipment’s mainly designed to help organizations in equipping their workspace and providing their staff with the necessary office supplies.

Horticultural Products

MPQTL is always searching new ways to help make our customers planting projects as simple as possible.

We come up with cost-effective and appropriate solutions for your planting requirements, or large
quantities of plants and trees.