Our Services

Providing warehousing, supply chain management, and trading solutions to its local and international clients so they can maximize their value and gain a competitive edge.



MPQTL provides international standard state-of-the-art warehousing solutions with mega-scale storage facilitates. 

Our 360-degree storage management solutions come with round-the-clock security and Sunday clearance sales.

Our warehouse and storage facilities are ideal for storing and distributing all sorts of products including large parts and machinery that require smooth transportation between locations.

Supply Chain Management

MPQTL provides dedicated operations and smooth flow at every stage of the process – from manufacturer to warehouse.

We manage the supply chain for mega projects and specializes in construction material and other general items.

We are experts in providing quality items, sourcing directly from the manufacturer at competitive rates at your address..


General Trading

At MPQTL, we trade in various construction items and general products.

Some of our core products are building materials and furnishing items. We also trade office supplies, food kits, PPEs and horticultural products.

We procure our products directly from local and international manufacturers at competitive prices through exclusive partnerships and strategic deals.